This is the end, my only friend…the end… (or is it the beginning?)

Miller_As_Trotsky Miller as Trotsky!

In script analysis, we had our final formal class for the semester. All that is left to do is the in-depth analysis of Angels in America, Pt. II. That will be a big-ass project in a short amount of time, but I am looking forward to it. This class has taught me so much, as the previous entries will show. My introduction to academic theatre is off to a terrific start and I’m so happy to have experienced the classes I have. Our professor wished to impart some final thoughts: fill your acting arsenal with tools, deny nothing in the script, always ask why, never assume, and be an artist and a creator who can break the rules because he or she knows the rules. Funny, Professor Schultz’s last words were, “Don’t forget all the crap I taught you.” I asked him if I could quote him. He said, yes. Here are the journals:



Just a short class today to answer questions and schedule our final performances which will take place after the Thanksgiving Day break. Today was our final time together as a full class. I learned much over the semester, primarily to trust myself, trust the art, trust trust trust, go for it without hesitation, and put as many tools in the acting arsenal as possible. Bottom line, competitively speaking, you simply have to out-arm your opponents. And most importantly, to recognize that acting is an ever evolving craft in which one can never safely rest on one’s laurels…this is a process, not an end. And remember to always ask, ‘why?’.




Today was the day to present my final scene for class, the Trotsky piece from All In The Timing. I had not visited intimately with the script for some time due to the constraints on my time with the Marley play, so I was not entirely off book. We worked the scene, my scene partner and I, and it was not in great shape. But this is the day, so it had to be done come hell or high-water (love that phrase.) And I thought to myself, just get up there and kick ass. Go for it. You know how to do this. If you lose a line or two, make it up better–which led to the great improv line, when I mistakenly referred to an encyclopedia: “What is the date of that dictionary…encyclopedia…whatever the fuck it is?” Long story short, (I love that phrase too,) I nailed it. Knocked it out of the ballpark. It was a loud raucous spectacle of classic camp farce, and the students loved it too. A couple of students told me it was my finest work in class, and the Professor also was duly impressed. So that was a great feeling to conclude the course on a major win! Happy!

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