Back on the Wagon! Double-Down.

Script analysis: We are on to Angels in America now, our last project. I submitted my re-do on the Character Analysis. Honestly, I got a 50 out of 50 on my first try, with notes to improve it. I did not spend all week from scratch. I just thought about the notes and finally saw a deeper way to express what the character’s motivations were. But as it was not a huge stretch and there wasn’t hours and hours of work put into it, I hope I don’t suffer a poor grade on the re-do. I think I had it pretty close on the first go around. Then again, why didn’t I get nuts with it? Probably because I’m overwhelmed. Oh well, let’s see what happens. I feel confident I’ll get my game on for the finish line this semester. I really do.

Here are the journals:


Friday/Monday OFF for Homecoming & Veteran’s Day. (Gators lost.)




Woke up late, had the beginning of a flu, missed the entire day, sadly. No more absences after this or I’m going to be in trouble.





I had worked hard on the Trotsky scene, still didn’t quite have all the words, but pressed on anyway. This was our first showing so it didn’t have to be pitch-perfect. I called for ‘line’ a few times but never broke character, and I put on quite an energetic and funny show. My scene partner did a great job rolling with a few improvised lines but in the end, we remembered all our Director’s blocking, and our set was set up at the end of the room (nobody had done that yet) and we made use of the big window leading out to campus. Pretty neat stuff to use a real window with people walking by in the scene. We also have a giant mirror (the largest set piece of any scene yet). So in the end, Dr. Young’s note for me was not that I did not quite have my lines, but that there had been remarkable change comparing my first scenes (when I didn’t have the lines, I kind of collapsed) to this scene in which I didn’t stop, didn’t let on. He said I had made great progress and reminded me: you don’t have to be perfect the first go-around. “This is a PROCESS”. We got our journals back and Dr. Young liked the things I had pointed out which I’ve learned over the course of the semester. He said, “Now you have these notes forever.”



OFF ON 11/8 & 11/11 and Missed 11/13 due to illness.




Ran scenes for workshop. I was supposed to go today, but my Scene Partner didn’t show up. So I tried to gather as much constructive information from watching the workshops as I could. Some of the comments included ‘enunciate’, ‘be specific in your actions and have motivations for your actions’, ‘listen’, ‘make use of the space’, ‘make choices’.




I had an acupuncture treatment for the first time today. It was a free offer from a three-year acupuncture student who had read about how stressed I was with everything I have taken on. The Alexander connection is that as I was undergoing the procedure, I made interesting connections with the whole mind/body connection. I don’t know if acupuncture is a real-deal thing (I know Alexander is…) or not, but it does absolutely put you in touch with your body. These needles go in, you feel sensations all up and down your arms, legs, you feel your whole body pulse as you relax for the 30 minutes while the needles are in, and you get in touch with yourself and other things seem to melt away. This may simply be a matter of taking time for yourself –very important—or maybe there’s more to acupuncture than that…there are some studies, endless personal testimonies, and it’s been around for near 8,000 years and still going strong. Just an interesting experience, and I did feel a renewed sense of energy and a big bounce-back the next day.


Back to school (I missed a sick day), and it was so amazing to see what happens when you miss a few days…things pile up exponentially. I was mortified to learn that Alexander Technique class was back in session (we took a two week break for one-on-one appointments.) I believe I may have been told of this before we broke. I am almost certain it was not mentioned in my one-on-one with our professor, though that is how others seemed to have found out. I asked a number of class mates and they said they knew only because they had asked or been told in their one-on-one sessions. I take full responsibility for this—I believe ownership of circumstances and/or ownership of what to do in bad circumstances is within the power, generally, of the self. But I’ll be damned if the syllabus said we weren’t coming back until the 19th. There is a question mark by it. I should have read that as, “Tom, you better ask in advance.” They always remind us how important punctuation is in a theatre script. So is being punctual. When I miss something like this, it really pisses me off!

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