Tough stuff, this.

A bit in the dumps today. Had a long night of doing too much with too little…did a fun video promo for my Sunday Night Grindhouse Movie-Hosting deal at MARS Bar. Did a performance art comedy bit at 1982 Bar last night, with a few…ok, a slew of beers. Still working on three scripts, a monologue, and a script for an entire play (a couple of weeks and we go.) And my body decided, “I don’t give a shit if you’re studying Alexander Technique, I’m gonna’ shut this mfka down.” Ha ha…I’m feeling the hints of a cold coming on, and Tommy don’t like no colds. (I’ll be downing an entire box of ColdEeze and that’ll take care of business quick. Always works for me.) A good friend is loaning me some bucks so I’m back in the saddle that way. The electricity will not go off for Christmas. Boy, when I stick my boot in poop, I stick it in there good. Of course in India, they make homes out of poop, so where there’s a will there’s a way. And always, it’s good to view the world from different perspectives, as well as yourself. Here are the journal entries for Alexander today.



I came to a realization today that a door in my brain has truly been opened with Alexander Technique. The reason is that it occurred to me I consider something about how my body is performing every single day. I now have that awareness to ask, how does this feel? Is this good? In other words, I am in conscious consideration of my ‘self’. And though my involvement with my ‘self’ is only short periods of time here and there, it is more than no consideration and over the long-run that would be a lot of consideration. So the mission then is to deepen this connection over time and enjoying that process, that ‘means whereby.’


Missed the alarm this morning, missed classes, and feeling the pangs of a cold trying to manifest itself. Too much partying, no doubt, and taking on more than I can comfortably handle. It’s a sad reality for a guy who likes to push the envelope and challenge myself to imagine the fact that, yes, there is a limit sometimes and rest and reducing stress are important matters. So I’m taking a me day (and tomorrow, there is no Alexander class so there’s another day) and I’m going to ease my pace of effort until my fire lights up again. Fire can be good. Burn out, when you need fire, can be bad. So what is called for in this matter is attending to the fire to make sure it’s burning at its best. More wood, a poke here and there, exposure to a little more oxygen… (And to go out of my fire metaphor a bit, a whole lot of fresh clean water. Ha ha.)


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