Alexander Technique over the Holiday Weekend




Had a nice conversation with a scene partner who told me a little bit about what he’s heard about an advanced Alexander class. And here, I didn’t even know that was offered. He said that the person who completed the class said it was a life-changer, but they couldn’t really explain what it was. They said it involved a lot of hands-on work, and compared it to being in a sort of trance, like hypnoses. That may or may not be a bad description, but no doubt the experience was profound. I have no doubt I’ll be taking that class.


I sent a message to a friend of mine today who is a terrific performer. But I notice that every time he is at his best, he’s usually a bit sauced on beer, then he goes on the stage and just blows everyone away with his talent, then he comes off the stage and apologizes to me for not being at his best. He actually feels like he sucks when he’s done, and expresses that. So I sent him a message of encouragement but also a stern example. I told him that in Alexander, we learned about ‘debauched kinesthesia’. I sent him a link and said he might be experiencing a situation in which his internal body map has a faulty equation: Awesome = Suck. I hope he reads the information at the link and thinks about it, so he can reorient his body map to read Awesome = Awesome. Maybe he’ll get even more out of it too if he applies himself. I also sent him a link to Marjorie Barstow explaining a little about Alexander on YouTube, just to peak his interest.


Did an Alexander-style warm-up before my performance art show. I have a show every Monday night at a place called 1982 bar, but this is the first time I’ve tried this warm up before it. I have to say, I felt very free and a bit more in control of the chaos that is my show this week. There was a very good energy in me, in the room, and in the way I was engaging my performance. How cool is that!


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