I got a perfect score on my Freytag-style modern graph of Ibsen’s “A Doll House”. I’ll be starting rehearsals this week for the four-man version of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol. I’m playing Jacob Marley and about four other characters in this unique modern rehash. It’ll be a challenge. There are lots of words and complexities of the script. Merry Christmas.

Here’s what happened in Alexander:

10/22/2013 (AFTERNOON CLASS)

We had perhaps the heaviest monologues to date today. Same as before, the student performs the monologue, the professor offers suggestions, motivations, does some hands-on work, and then the second time, there is a marked improvement in emotional content, freedom of movement, focus, etc. Lots of tears today…deep things, personal things, most of the comments began with ‘thank you for sharing this’ and I added, ‘thank you for trusting yourself and us with your work’. At times, it’s difficult when working as the writer and writing from such personal places to differentiate between the performance and the reality, which is a good thing. But one can get caught in the trap and our Professor was very specific to point out that though acting and the experiences of this Alexander class may well be therapeutic, it is NOT THERAPY. Very important distinction.


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