Welcome back to script analysis. Today’s play, Ibsen’s “A Doll House”. Your assignment, Jim (Tom) if you choose to accept it, is to do an analysis and a modern graph of the play. This mission will take hours of your weekend. Yes Jim (Tom), we know you have a show on Monday, will be seeing Guys and Dolls, writing a paper on it, will be reading a new play and writing a paper on it, will be doing four journal entries, will be considering doing the lead part in the Acrosstown Theatre’s Christmas Play (reading that script), will be feature-reading at an anniversary poetry event at the Civic Media Center, will be rehearsing a scene for Acting II and a monologue for Acting for Directors, will be writing a history and tactics sheet for the scene, will be reading a chapter in the Script Analysis text book, and preparing materials for your Alexander Technique class presentation. Impossible? Yes. Good luck, Jim (Tom). This entry will self-destruct in five seconds.

Here is the little video project I was asked to be in where I play a bum. It’s a cute short done in a ‘silent-film’ style.
Full Circle – Directed by Alex Kerrigan

Here are the journal entries:




Watched more monologues. Some folks were doing their round-two versions (the final performances for the grade). I go Monday. This weekend is a bear, with the requirements of Script Analysis assignments, writing about Guys and Dolls, reading a new play, thinking about starring in a new play for Christmas at the AcrossTown theatre…things are starting to get heavy. It’s an impossible amount of work to complete over the weekend, not to mention my Monday show to prepare for and a special poetry-reading event on Saturday night. Guess I need to pick up the pace. And with all that, I intend to rehears my monologue with my director sometime Sunday, but I feel pretty good about it. Let’s see what happens


We continued work-shopping scenes. We only got through the first half of my scene from Venus In Fur—great scene, by the way. We broke down some of the blocking, motivation, imagining where we are coming from and where we are going to, levels, rising action, etc. We’ll finish up by Monday and hopefully by then, I’ll know the words.  🙂




A couple more monologues with similar results…the first attempt is lacking and after hands-on and suggestions from the professor, the second performance is exponentially more natural and affecting for the audience and the player. It’s really remarkable to watch people transform through this work. A few tears today from everyone. These monologues are deeply personal and dark for the most part. This entry is composite because the assignments of all the classes combined with my own insane schedule are beginning to become all consuming. But in the spirit of fulfilling the requirements and economizing and maximizing effectiveness of my work, safe to say these three days, Alexander Technique and self-awareness of body/mind pops up frequently throughout each day; watching others, watching myself, making those adjustments from the self-awareness. It’s in there. Busy busy week!

#     #     #


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