Tom Miller in Michael & Shamrock McShane’s “Dove World War”

Well, even though I’m 48 I’m just as poor as most of the students on campus. To be specific…rent is paid up until the end of December. Electric is paid through October. There is one can of sardines and three bags of rice in the cupboard. There is a huge pile of dirty laundry on the floor. My car insurance is due. The car is on empty. My credit card is maxed and needs a payment. My bank account is at zero. I have exactly 83 cents in my pocket.

Still, I’m as happy as a clam. I’m getting it together. My monologue and scene is in the brain and body. I’ve been approached to play Bob Cratchit at the Acrosstown Theatre in a four-man adaptation of Christmas Carol. I have my variety show tonight, and a show with the band next week or so. And school–I’m ahead of the game. I wrote two reviews of local plays HERE and HERE. Today was a relaxing comfortable day. JUST NEED THAT GDAM MTHRFKN MONEY! If anyone wants to chip in, you can donate twenty or fifty bucks to my “Trickle Down Campaign”, something I designed just for fun. It’s really just a vehicle to accept contributions from fans, friends, and supporters. Click it anyway and enjoy the premise. It’s very entertaining. In script analysis, we talked about the play, “Never The Sinner” (one of the ones I wrote the review about. 2nd “HERE” link above, if you’d like to read my opinion. It was a pretty good conversation. Mostly we spoke about plot and structure.)

Here are the journals for the week:



Back in the swing of things. We watched about three more monologues. Dr. Young is a big fan of choosing an animal or a color (he seems to prefer color) to inform a character’s attitude, walk, gestures, etc. Not much to report today. The monologues were quite good, challenging, and it was nice to see them realized by my peers in class. There was a choice quote. At one point, Dr. Young asked a student what his animal was for a Shakespearean monologue he chose. He replied, “I picked a dragon.” The class laughed. The Professor said, pardon my crudeness but…then he whispered in the student’s ear. I’m not sure what he said but it seemed to be something along the lines of, “That dragon was a bit of a pussy.” I’m not saying he said that. But it sure seemed that way.



Professor Hamilton was not here today. Our directive was to rehearse with our scene partner, but my scene partner was feeling sick and not present either. So I used the time to buy cheap horrible one-dollar food from the “Burger Thing”, and I edited my play review for my blog. Had a nice conversation with a really smart cute fun sexy too-young-for-me actor who I have a mild crush on. Hey, what do you want from me? THIS IS THEATRE! Gotta’ have some drama!




I was working at the computer at Maude’s Café (I call Maude’s the ‘known Center of the Universe) and a friend stopped by my table and told me he had been reading my online blog and was particularly interested in the Alexander Technique stuff. He’s had hip stuff and he’s a tall lanky fellow. So I took him through some of the information I had learned, referred him to the site for more, and told him his best bet is to get with a certified teacher. I told him he could do a lot worse than to at least take a look at the material on the website. They have some information on there which can be immediately incorporated into one’s life without taking classes or private instruction. I think that telling him what I knew helped reinforce my own thinking and knowledge. I was happy to share.


Sunday was a “me” day. Did some constructive rest in the morning and evening. I must remember to make my breathing a focal point when I’m engaging in constructive rest. In the evening (I had a few beers) I was at a mostly empty nightclub watching grindhouse films on a really comfortable couch. I had that ‘restless legs’ thing going on…like my legs were running on caffeine instead of blood. I kept stretching and trying to get comfortable, but I found myself shifting positions ever minute or so. I get this kind of thing about once a week. I need to ask about this tomorrow.

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