August 20 Orientation

No, I was not the oldest person there. We were greeted by a hopped up enthusiastic crew of young staffers who all looked like they were overdosing on StarBucks. Yes, they said, “Go Gators” and yes, they did the “Alligator” with their arms. The rest of us old-school transfer students were like corpses in comparison. They’d yell, “Go Gators” and we’d reply, “Let’s get on with it, already.” Breakfast was served and we were introduced, in painfully rote exposition, to the dangers, rules, codes, rules, methods, culture, etc., in what amounted to essentially group seminars. I liked the free breakfast (90 bucks for this deal). I made the smart choice to get my Gator1 card while everyone else was eating lunch. All in all, I got to my adviser around 2pm. It wasn’t so bad. He hooked up my courses and then I decided, against my better judgement, to venture over to financial aid to make sure there were no bad surprises. Now this is rush. The place should have been packed. From start-to-finish, I got out of there in under 15 minutes. Friendly service, everything was on target–in short, the financial aid office at UF in comparison to Santa Fe’s financial aid is like night and day. Supposedly, I receive funds just a few days after class begins, like it’s supposed to be. At Santa Fe, they make sure to give you slightly less than you were expecting about five days after rent and every bill you have to pay is late. Once, I waited two months to get funds. That ruined most of my credit…a delay in Santa Fe’s deal coupled with a Government glitch. So UF is looking a lot like a vacation to Disney World so far, and as tacky as the Go Gators and the Alligator chomping arm gestures appeared to me, it somehow had a charm all its own…a John Waters sort of charm. I finished up the day in time for Billiard Therapy.


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